Who we are

Sibylline Trading and Contracting W.L.L established as a general contracting company. Since then our primary focus has been upon providing quality services, in a various field related to MEP contracting, Human Resource support and trade of Building Materials and Quarry Materials to the various Projects. Through our extensive task history of constructing ventures, we have developed a customer service business philosophy. Proactive and timely customer service is the backbone of our company. All employees, owner, office staff, project managers and field personnel aim to please. STC is actively involved and well known for better service provider at an effective cost.
Sibylline’s vision is to create a trusted brand name for infrastructure solutions. Our team is committed to achieve this goal, by our characteristic style of work which combines professionalism with dedication, adhering to high standards of quality, planning and supervision. We are proud to be a part of Qatar’s emerging history and eager to continue to serve the Qatar Market and beyond..
The success story of STC continues with a vision of state of art technology, hard work with dedication and qualified teams having a highly professional background, vision and innovation skills.

  1. Provides comprehensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Drainage) services.
  1. Provides Human Resources Support (For Construction and Cleaning).
  1. Trade Quarry Materials and Building Materials.
  1. History:
  • Sibylline Trading & Contracting (STC) established in 2016 operated by a group of Professional of different fields.
  1.  Current permanent office staff: 10
  1. Current permanent Work Force: 115
  • Operating in the State of Qatar.
  • Address: Office No:- 12, Building No:- 56, Bu Hamor Street, Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar.
  1.  Commercial Registration no.: 90008

  1. Unique and creative execution that meet the client’s expectations not only by realizing the clients need, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of client’s satisfaction.
  1. Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.
  1. A creative approach to the clients special needs in order to find unique and effective solutions.
  1. Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines.
  1. Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.
  1. Courage and readiness to deal on behalf of client in crisis.
  1. Strong technological background.
  1. 24/7 availability.

In order to meet the general goal, the basic set objectives of the firm are to contribute towards: 
  1. Country’s development endeavors by providing technical, educational and research expertise appropriate to the historically known but recently acknowledged context of sustainable and equitable environmental friendly activities.
  1. Socio-economical dimension of any development intervention.