What we do

The business was formed to meet the demand for high-quality building services engineering, construction, and maintenance. The scope of activities include all aspects of building services installation, testing and commissioning of multi-service installations viz., Electrical (Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Low Voltage Current Systems), Air-Conditioning, Mechanical, Plumbing and Sanitary Works, Telecommunications and Fire Detection/Protection Systems.
STC has extensive experience in all forms of roads and earthworks including construction, upgrading, resurfacing and rehabilitation. The company operates and extensive fleet of modern earthworks plant and equipment including excavators, dozers, graders, loaders, compaction equipment, trucks, crusher and surfacing machinery. The fleet is well maintained, and the company retains a core of skilled individuals with solid experience in the road construction sector.
The expertise available are well capable of working in any dimension and do possess a specialization in the following sectors:
Complete MEP work for :
  1. Commercial Building Projects
  1. Residential Building Projects
  1. Industrial Building Projects
  1. Repair and Maintenance
  1. MV & LV cable laying and Termination

STC Trading is able to satisfy the customers, by providing them with quality products (related to all kind of Construction materials) to meets their esteemed desire.

The STC Trading Division aims to maintain and grow on its high profile in the marker by:
  1. Supplying quality of materials to meet customer requirement.
  1. Strong networking of Transportation.
  1. Maintaining service excellence.
  1. Providing superior transport solutions according to each customer’s needs.
  1. Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty.
  1. Appointing high-quality staff (vetted by extensive background checks).
  1. Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost-effective transportation.
  1. Offering customers a dedicated, personalized service.

The company supplies various ranges of product:
  1. All Query materials
  1. Sub Base (Class -A, Class- B and Class –C)
  1. Road Base
  1. Backfill materials
  1. Rock
  1. Gravel
  1. Aggregate & Gabbro
  1. Dune Sand
  1. Wash sand